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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a small family run business run in a small unincorporated part of San Diego County.  All of our products are created in small batches even down to the packaging and labeling. We believe that making small batches ensures the freshness of the ingredients used and that the quality of the product is exceptional.

Herbal oil

Our Story

I have always been interested in nature, plants, trees, and herbs. These things seemed to call to me from a very early age. One of the earliest memories I have is of being around five years old, in my home town in Missouri. I had collected a bunch of acorns I was going to leach the “poison” out of (I had no idea what I was doing). I was going to make acorn mash and feed it to everyone. I remember thinking that it was so “cool” that we can make food or medicine out of plants and that is something I really wanted to do!

My love of plants and their healing qualities continued. As I got older and had my own children, I was always very aware of what I was putting on them and into their bodies. It concerned me that there were so many chemicals in products that were meant to “heal” or “help” your body. I kept saying the earth has everything we need. We need to get back to that. To our roots and what amazing things, the earth has to offer us. It was like I was hearing my calling in a soft whisper and then a loud roar.

Fast forward a few years later, I became the General Manager of a very large restaurant. I worked 10-15 hour days but needed and craved a creative outlet. Once again, my love of all things botanical came into my life like an old friend. I started making organic lip balm in my “spare time” and gave it to the girls that worked for me. They absolutely loved it and asked if they could buy it. I reluctantly said, “I guess?” I really wasn’t making it sell at first. I knew the healing power of hemp oil and that’s what I made it out of. I was just excited to share it with them and I was really excited and it made me so happy that they really liked it and it worked!

As I started to make more and more lip balm and fill orders, I thought to myself, “What else can I make?” I am a reader and I started to read everything I could about healing plants and oils. I really became enthralled with plants, they truly are amazing. I was doing research on the different healing properties of everything. I loved every part of this new business that had no name!

I decided to name my business, my passion “Hempie Girl Organics.” I decided that would be the name because most everything I was making had hemp in it. I chose to make most of my products out of organic, ethically sourced and if I could local ingredients. I became Hempie Girl.

I quit my “Big Girl” job in May of 2018 to pursue my passion full time. The road hasn’t been easy but it has been so much fun and filled with so many things to be grateful for. I really feel that I have been given a chance to live my dream. I am back in school in an apprenticeship program to become an Herbalist so that I can continue to learn and grow. I love Hempie Girl Organics. They say “Happy people make happy things.” I love it.

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